Charles felt as though he had walked off a cliff...

Charles was a recently promoted sales manager for a lighting rental company. He felt unprepared to face all of the new responsibilities while learning how to coordinate the efforts of his inherited sales team. His manager noticed that Charles was floundering, but remained confident that he had made the right choice in promoting Charles. 

Charles, his manager, and I identified Charles' worries and discovered gaps in his skills. With this knowledge we put together a plan that provided for additional business and management training, set methods and goals to measure Charles' progress, and put into place a series of sales and project deadlines to keep Charles and his team accountable to their goals. 

Armed with this plan and reinforced by the trust and confidence that his manager had for him, Charles was able to clearly set his sales agenda to keep himself and his team focused on their mission. He learned what he needed to excel in his position and to confidently bring himself up to and beyond the expectations of his manager. 

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