Brenda was dissatisfied with her productions...

Brenda is an independent producer/director. She believed in her projects and in her collaborators but sensed that something wasn't working to her satisfaction anymore.

Through a series of conversations we discovered that Brenda was permitting her "producer" side to filter and limit her creativity and potential as the "director" during rehearsals and concept meetings.

When presented with an artistic challenge she had stopped considering "how can we make this happen," and defaulted to "what else can we do that would be more affordable?

She decided that to establish separate times and places in which to conduct the business of her two positions. She made it clear to her collaborators, cast, and crew that she would only wear one "hat" at a time. She would reserve her role as the producer only for production meetings, budget reviews, and logistical planning sessions and conversations. Rehearsals and creative meetings were reserved for her role as the director and discussions. Budget concerns and other practicalities would be tabled for later meetings with the producer.

As the producer, she was now able to guide her work with an attitude of doing what is right for the show as opposed to what was just affordable, challenging both her "director self" and her collaborators to creatively solve production concerns. And as the director, she has learned to keep the door open for creative potential and possibilities, regaining the artistic satisfaction that she had been missing. 

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