About Daniel Bonitsky

headshot photo of Daniel BonitskyOver the past 30 years, I've led motivated and talented teams of artists, and production personnel, and managed corporate operations in a variety of fields in the entertainment business. These hands-on experiences give me a solid foundation from which to help my clients achieve growth, confidence, and integrity in their personal and professional endeavors. 

My Thoughts on Coaching
The coaching connections I build with my clients are what makes coaching a truly rewarding vocation for me. I truly believe in and support the efforts of each of my clients to acknowledge their potential and to create clear strategies by which they will move forward to achieve their goals and desires. 

The coaching model I use builds a purposeful co-creative relationship that facilitates safe, challenging, and dynamic conversations. This coaching environment may sometimes include elements of teaching and learning. What I learn from my clients often helps us bring to light the insights that they may have overlooked for so long. Through coaching you can discover gaps in your knowledge or information that indicates the source of your roadblocks or frustrations. Once you know what it is that you don't know you can determine the path to the source of knowledge and information to fill those gaps. 

I live with strong beliefs about quality, integrity, and balance. It is my hope that my clients will be inspired by my example to find the values and purposes which will enrich their lives and their relationships with their talents. 

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About Source Ventures LLC & The Universe Is Change Coaching

The Universe is Change Coaching is the coaching service of Source Ventures LLC, which provides consulting and production management services to a variety of businesses and service providers. 

The Universe is Change Coaching provides individual and group coaching to professionals predominantly in the fields of career development, team management, and professional development. Programs are individually tailored to the unique needs and requests of each client and can be delivered in both on- and off-site formats.

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"I recently was coached by Dan and it helped me tremendously. His insight into my industry and active coaching skills helped me to focus my goals into concrete achievable results."

Clayton B. Hodges

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