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If you haven't experienced professional coaching, you may be wondering whether or not it could help you. For the answer, consider these real-world scenarios:

Charles felt as though he had walked off a cliff...

Charles was a recently promoted sales manager for a lighting rental company. He felt unprepared to face all of the new responsibilities while learning how to coordinate the efforts of his inherited sales team. His manager noticed that Charles was floundering, but remained confident that he had made the right choice in promoting Charles. 

Brenda was dissatisfied with her productions...

Brenda is an independent producer/director. She believed in her projects and in her collaborators but sensed that something wasn't working to her satisfaction anymore.

Through a series of conversations we discovered that Brenda was permitting her "producer" side to filter and limit her creativity and potential as the "director" during rehearsals and concept meetings.

Pat's bad news was hard to swallow...

Pat heard through the grapevine that he was negative and didn’t take direction well. After some soul searching he realized that he had unwittingly been undermining his efforts to land his dream role. And he decided to do something about it. 

When we first spoke he didn’t know how to change his attitude or his reputation. We made an inventory of all the actions and comments that he felt contributed to a work situation.

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"Dan Bonitsky is one of the nicest and most generous people I know, and one of his strongest qualities is that he is a really good listener. He has this wonderful ability to hear what you, yourself, cannot hear yourself saying, and he uses that information to help you regain focus and get unstuck."

Christopher D.
Graphic Web Designer/Developer

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